Well maintained fire systems save lives and protect property. Whether you are a property owner, facility manager or business operator, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, customers, and occupiers.

In the event of fire, you need to be confident that your fire system will operate effectively. Our expert maintenance team conducts routine inspection and testing regularly to ensure your fire systems remain compliant. Whilst carrying out routine inspections, if a defect is found our technicians will notify you immediately to coordinate repairs.

Inspection and Testing
Inspection and Testing

United Fire’s CRM system automatically generates when routine inspections are due and maintains inspection history. Our technician’s record test results in equipment specific logbooks available for review at any time.

It is important that your fire system is inspected and tested in accordance with the Australian Standards. On an annual basis we issue a Certificate of Compliance certifying the essential safety measures have been tested and maintained in accordance with the Standards.

For safety and peace of mind, keep your fire protection system in optimum condition with our routine inspection and testing services. Call us today on 08 8269 5550